Friday, 29 October 2010

Kool G Rap ft NaS - Fast Life [Buckwild Remix]

"Not to be confused with this remix (though I like that version more), this track will be found on Buckwild’s upcoming Buckwild Presents EP, featuring a bunch of “then-and-now” tracks from the D.I.T.C. producer’s legendary career."

You know I'm feeling this. Can't beat a DITC beat. Ever. We all know the lyrics but the remix definitely gives the track a new lease of life.

Listen/Download HERE. Now.


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T-Shirt Design

I was digging around on my external hard-drive and I stumbled across this image of a T-shirt design I did a few years ago. Screen printed in a variety of colour ways. Image kind of makes me laugh now.

Still one of my favorite designs.

Repping Brussels hard...

The '90s

I remember the days when getting jacked for your kicks was a reality. We never had the Jordan hype [as far as I'm aware - no one i knew could afford them and it was all about AirMax anyway]. But being quizzed by a gang of youts about what size, where you got them and how much they cost was a reality.

Seems like getting stabbed for your iPhone is the 2010 equivalent.

At least your kick game can be on point I suppose...

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Throwback Thurdays

RIP Poetic

Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil

Here's a pretty decent unofficial video for the disturbing tale Dance With The Devil by Immortal Technique.

It captures some of the grittiness of the song, but nothing compares to just listening with headphones and letting your imagination run wild.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Meany: Xbox 360 Advert

Manchester's finest in an early XBox 360 advert. Nuts.

I remember seeing this in the cinema in Brussels and thinking: "I'm sure that's that MC from the Urban Knights"

Turns out it was Meany.

I finally found it again after all these years.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

No Fuss Just Photos

Some ill shit in here son... Bxl representing hard. [Fuck the fixie guys... what's that all about?!]
It's nice to see Belgian graffiti getting some recognition, I jacked this off Revok's blog, so you it's getting some views.


Be There...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Adidas x Vespa

"In an ongoing collaboration, European scooter brand Vespa sees a continuation of its partnership with adidas Originals. The sneaker releases for this season include the PX Mid and PX Low. The sneakers feature the sensibilities of Vespa’s clean design together with a retro stylings that accompany adidas Originals’ range of footwear. Both models feature full-grain leather uppers with an ornamental Vespa emblem in silver. Available at select adidas Original dealers."

This one is for Filthy Furgs... The black ones, mate.

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Reality Check

Friday, 15 October 2010


... Cap


Wasteman part 11: Dizzee Rascal

I honestly can't believe this: Dizzee... with Shakira.

It's over.

Tiger Style

J.Y. - Melting Pot

Big L & Jay Z - Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle

"Now this is a find…
Back on February 23, 1995 Big L and a young Hov left the Stretch & Bobbito Show studios on fire. Up until now we only had a 7-minute recording of the legendary session. Now — courtesy of DPB — we’ve got the full 9:25 version."

We all know and love the 7 minute version, so rediscovering it in its entirety is dope!

Listen/Download HERE.


[Via 2DopeBoys]

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Group Home – G.U.R.U. ft Jeru the Damaja

Group Home - G.U.R.U. featuring Jeru the Damaja CLEAN VERSION (Guru Dedication) from raised fist propaganda on Vimeo.

Group Home's new album is out now, suckas.

RIP Guru...

Big News: Big L - Return of the Devil's Son

"Return of the Devil’s Son has 21 unreleased songs, including “Right To The Top” featuring Royal Flush and Kool G Rap. “This album will show where he should have been and where he was about to go. It’s going on 12-years since he’s been gone. He would have been that one; this project will show where he should have been at,” said [Big L's older brother] Donald Phinazee."

I just creamed myself with excitement.

This is immense... Drops the 23rd of November.

RIP Big L - one of the all time greatest.

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... Burka
So fresh...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wasteman part 10: Take Pride

It's been a while since I've posted a Wasteman - but these guys deserve it.

See if you recognize any of the tags in the video... It's crazy.

Utter gash...