Friday, 26 February 2010

One For The Heads

One For The Heads gets a fresh look courtesy of yours truly... For those of you who don't know:

"1 for the Heads represents REAL Hip Hop, with a strict policy of no selling out to the image orientated, below average beats and rhymes that seems to have saturated the charts over the last few years. Everything from pre 1986 old school, U.S. golden age, independent, left-field, UK hip hop, and of course straight up boom-bap bangers will be in the mix with your hosts DJ Citizen K' and Ror-Kid. With an emphasis upon live skills from crews who do it for the love of the scene, and intelligent debate on all things hip hop. MAGIC TOUCH CREW"

18h00 - 19h00 EVERY WEDNESDAY @
Big up Rorkid and DJ CK.

Graffiti Hip Hop

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Clean(er) Energy?

Watch CBS News Videos Online

It all looks very impressive but one thing that strikes me is that is still runs off fuel... Nevertheless, I'm all for a more sustainable future. Just imagine a day when then can make these fuel cells efficient enough to replace the battery in your laptop - and never have to plug it in again.

Keeping it Fresh

Molotow - Dripstick

No more f*cking about, this shit fills from the bottom. Finally, someone put a bit of design sense into a squeezer.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Survivial Kit

Mick Boogie, NVME and Duck Down Records presents Survival Kit. I'm sorry to say I slep on this - it came out a fews ago. It's fire... and (yup, you guessed it) it's available for free download HERE.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sunday, 14 February 2010


This is by no means new... But I dig it loads. The power of the Faust tag seems amplified by way it's cropped.

REKS - In Betweens The Lines (Mixtape)

Some REAL hip-hop in oh ten. Lets face it - it's hard to come by in this day an age. Reks has blessed us with a mixtape featuring: Slaine, Torae, CurT@!n$, Ron Artest, El Da Sensai, Freddie Gibbs, Termanology, prod by DJ Premier and more. The production on this is niceness. All this and it's free to download HERE!


Friday, 12 February 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Jaylib - The Message

I'm not one to jump on Dilla's dillznick - I mean he was tight... but "J. Dilla Changed my life" is straight up bull. Premo changed MY life. Too many people rep Dilla without even understanding hip-hop, never mind what Dilla was on. He's like the producer version of Tupac. Got bare followers that follow without truly understanding the bigger picture.
Anyway nuff ranting, this is Madlib spitting over a J. Dilla beat [that was also used by Busta Rhymes] flipping Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five's classic - The Message.

Clark's Wallabees

Clark's Wallabees... An all time classic - if you ask me these never go out of fashion. Ever since Wu repped them they have been a staple in hip-hop footwear. Smart yet casual, classy yet gully and all round dope. Plus they're comfy as hell, just don't spill your pint on em.


KPLtv CHOP SUEY the beat conductor series featuring 88-keys from KPLtv on Vimeo.

I can't say I'm much of a fan of his when he's behind the mic, but he definitely makes some fresh ass beats.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Scared Straight

I've been wanting to post Scared Straight to follow on from the Lifer's Group post I hit you up with a little while ago. Scared Straight was basically part of the same program that brought about Lifer's Group, and the documentary by the same name gave an insight into how young delinquents deal with coming face to face with some hardcore cons' that are doing life - an attempt to well... Scare them straight. Unfortunately the first part of the video has been muted by them fuckers at WMG for copyright infringement. Thanks Youtube [insert sarcasm punctuation mark here]. Twats...

You Sarcy Bastard

“You may not yet have heard of Michigan-based ­Sarcasm, Inc but it would be no exaggeration to say that it may soon be as big a household name as Tesco or Google.

Its product, perhaps the most innovative and original of the century so far, is a punctuation mark for sarcasm. Although ­strangers to the mark might mistake it for a squiggle with a dot inside, the “SarcMark” will soon be turning up in our inboxes every day. The question that will baffle future generations is how we managed to live without it for so long.”

Well if it aint on keyboard it aint gonna catch on very fast...

Best of the Noughties

UK tings... Pull your caps down low and cock your gun fingers for this one. BRRAAAP

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Exile - The one man band

Exile Builds A Beat (Live @ Left Fest, San Francisco, CA. - 1/28/2010) from on Vimeo.

This man takes MPC's to some next dimension.

One for Valentines Day

This is so bangers, it's fricking hilarious...

Streets of Plenty

Whoa, this is nuts... [The following 6 parts should come up when the vid ends]

"An unprecedented look into the underworld of Vancouver's downtown eastside ghetto, this 65 minute documentary follows one man's 30 day experiment of joining the thousands of homeless, ill, and addicted, who survive the streets of Vancouver's cold, wet December. He starts off with nothing but a pair of underwear. Where he ends up is a place he never knew existed, even though its a place he passed by every day. This is the perfect film for anyone who wants to see first hand what life is like on Vancouver's streets, but doesn't want to risk murder from gang violence, contracting a fatal or chronic disease, or a life-long addiction to crack or heroin."

Massive Attack

They're back with a haunting tune and a gritty urban video. Sounds like Jon Kennedy on the vocals but I'm not sure.

Fresh J's

Ouuuiiiiee, freshness. I only really fucks with Jordan 1's, 3's, 4's and 5's... call me a snob but the rest are just fugly. Oh and the Spizikes!

"The Nike Jordan 1 Alpha comes in a special “Tinker Hatfield” edition for Spring 2010. The upper comes in off-white, the Swoosh in black and the lining in a contrasting orange. A special dedication is placed on the inner soles, reading “The First To Bring Color To The Game” and “Thank You”. Wish will be releasing the sneaker on February 15th."
[Via Highsnobiety]

Monday, 8 February 2010

Curren$y - Smokee Robinson

Continuing on the Curren$y tings, the Spitta has finally dropped a new mixtape. Guy's got some swagger, I'm feeling his choice of beats and laid back new skool style. So buil' a zoot and max out to this one. Download it for free HERE.


Originally released in DVD format back in '07 "Inside/Outside" it a compelling documentary following various graffiti artists from around the world. Some of the names include: Zeus, Earsnot, KR, Swoon, Ron English, Os Gemeos, Pigmeus, Adam & Itso.
Well worth a watch - especially since it's now available to view online for free. Enjoy.

Penfield 2-tone

Slick - it s'nyce.

"With a strong history as an outdoor apparel purveyor, Penfield celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2010. The 2010 spring/summer collection features a variety of strong mountain-themed aesthetics with two-toned mountain parkas and a special edition Anorak among other conventional designs. The Penfield 2010 spring/summer is available now at select retailers worldwide and at Paris’ Starcow." [Via Hypebeast]

Sunday, 7 February 2010


The Cool Bowl from Luc Alexandre on Vimeo.

Me feels

"Here’s some footage that photographer/videographer UnkleLuc took of last night’s Cool Bowl event in Miami, brought to you by Traffic Boutique, Lax Paper Boys, Ashley Outrageous and Last Rights Clothing. The video has clips of the performances by Curren$y, Ghostwridah and Dom Kennedy."

Magic Touch

Sleezy B. murked it on this one... So ill!

Free Music - Oddisee

I've been a fan of Oddisee for a while now - he's one of the freshest producers out there [repping Washington, I believe], he's also nice on the mic too. This is a dope FreEp for download including some UK vocals alongside some US cats, and some top notch instrumentals. Well worth a listen.
<a href="">Ci'iy Life Feat. Tranqill by oddisee</a>

I need this...

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Mr Meth

Dope track... I just want to know - whatever happened to those Helly Hansen jackets with the two stripes across the chest and back? I always wanted one of them - still do!
They need to re-release them bad boys.

New York Grime

An ill online NY graffiti magazine by 45RPM

It's Saturday so...

Sandman - Nasty

I'm feeling this for multiple reasons:
The video is so lo budget he had the choice of buying a six-pack or filming a video.
He spits about rocking Gucci while wearing a janitor/mechanics jumpsuit.
The beat's provided by DJ Premier.
Nuff said