Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Skitz - Shot Caller [Remix]

Here's new one from Skitz... No not the DJ of Countryman fame. No not the grime producer. That other Skitz.

The Piff Gang, Skitz...

Yeah, there are too many Skitz'.

Stylin' On You...


Now you know.

ScHoolboy - Q ft. Ab-Soul - Druggys WitH Hoes Again

Volcom - Europe Summer Tour

The Volcom crew tear up some pretty gnarly spots in Belgium.


S'Il Vous Plait...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Need For Mirrors ft. Drs - D.F.T.F

Broke'n'£nglish member and all round Mancunian OG, DRS doing his thing over some future flavored D'n'B - oh and flexing his skateboard skills.

Big up all my Manny man! 

[Shouts to Lee on this one]

Friday, 17 February 2012

Jamie Duggan ft. Tezz Kidd (Brownins) - Saving All My Love

Bassline or Niche music (named after the notorious club) was (and still is) a big part of being Northern and hood in the UK. A scene that popped up in Sheffield around the the turn of the millennium and rapidly spread to other Northern ghettos and eventually down to the capital, much like the potent skunk that came from the same origins. The sound, once watered down slightly, even made it in to the charts!

Tunes like this still take me back to my time in Manchester and my many visits to Sheffield in the early to mid naughties. At the time this kind of music would be blaring out of every tinted Golf R32, full of badman, and mobile phone on the back row of the bus.

Shouts to Jefé and all the Sheffield crew!

Westwood Crib Sessions - Newham Generals

Love the energy these guys exude.

Big tings...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Highway Snowboarding in Belgium

True Say...


[Shouts to Mark]

Beat Butcha - Raw & Uncut

The UK's Beat Butcha has released a compilation of instrumentals, some of which have been used by bag names in rap game on the other side of the pond, over in the US.

[Shouts to Senz on the heads up]

Circa - Muska Pro Model

I used to rock the white ones.

Got to love the stash pocket in the tongue for err... your keys.