Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mighty Healthy

It's nice, it's nice...

Kirk - The Mountain Captain

Shatner could be a hipster - Lets count the ways:
1. Flannel shirt - Check!
2. Tight jeans - Check!
3. Retro High-Top Sneakers - Check!
4. Ironic haircut - Check!
5. Ironic mustache/beard - Slip!
6. Gaudy synth beats - Check!
7. Fixed-gear bike - Slip! [But he's climbing a mountain so we'll let him off.
Result = 5 out of 7 - Pass! It's official...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

3D Skateboad Photography - Carhartt

"05.02. – 07.03.2010

The next cities on the list are Paris, Berlin, Manchester, Marseille, Lyon and Barcelona and are to be followed by many many more, details will be announced very soon!!"

I'm feeling this concept big time. For more dates/locations check the Carhartt Blog

MPC Murkage

This guy is on some next levels.

Midas Touch

Benny Gold killed it on this one.

Breakdancing - Iran '91

Presumably before Hip Hop became illegal.


80 Blocks From Tiffany's

I remember watching this a few years back and quite enjoying it. Thought it might be worth revisiting (for the sound track alone).

"This 1979 documentary film focuses on gangs such as the savage skulls & nomads who occupied areas of the South Bronx. Perhaps even more compelling is considering that the backdrop and social conditions in this film are a 'far cry' from the lifestyle being promoted through disco music and film. Perhaps this answers questions to why many people took preference over the funk records which arguably paved the way for Hip Hop culture."

If the embedded video doesn't work you can watch it HERE.

KR at it again

KR - doing what he does best - in Germany. More HERE

Monday, 25 January 2010

Wasteman part 4

"He’s supposedly from Oregon and returns to Japan every half-year to hang out in front of this random department store building, have sex with multiple Japanese women, and raise all kinds of hell. Turns out Josh Sehrer has quite an internet presence, his website is end-to-end with all kinds of outrageous behavior. Just flip through his stupendous journal entries and drunk videos. Scour his online shop for special edition tees that are numbered to 10,000, with 1 million dollars in profits going to his penthouse fund. Or pick up the first condom he ever used on a Japanese girl for a measly $50,000."
I'm lost for words... All but one - WASTEMAN
[Via The Hundreds ]


When I watched this is was struck with "What the fuck" and "Gay" in equal measures.


After an extremely well received first season, the Barbour / Tokihito Yoshida pertnership continues with the Spring 2010 collection. the range uses Tokihito’s extreme wealth of design knowledge and Barbour’s production know-how to put together an amazing collection of jackets for the spring. The collection sees the return of the bicycle jacket, as well as some more tailored styles, and as last season the range used both waxed and coated cottons from Barbour’s UK factories. Via Highsnobiety

Barbour jackets are quality, bad man wears. Obviously, I'm not the "manor born" type that rides horses or shoots pheasants but I still rate Barbour. It's one of the few things that remains British and Great [even if it is designed by a Japanese fella]... Sadly, I can't afford this type of thing.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Retrospective Mix by C-Stylez

Retrospective Mix - C-Stylez by C-Stylez

Okay, here's the deal: I'm starting a whole new trend.
Mixing with zero equipment - just a laptop - no snazzy DJ programs. [This is what I've resorted to in the absence of my decks... Man, I miss my ones and twos.] Using I've mixed tracks from youtube videos... There's no way to cue tracks or EQ them so it's pretty sketchy but I think I did alright for a first attempt.
It's an eclectic mix of new and old [mostly old], rare grooves and all time classics. Hope you enjoy!

The Real Azie

Snowman Talk from Gasface on Vimeo.

We See You Jockin Azie !!! (Snowman Talk Part.2) from Gasface on Vimeo.

"You might have seen the Rocafella Films movie “Paid in Full” that was loosely based on the infamous Harlem drug dealers Azie, Rich Porter & Alpo. This is the real Azie (Ace in the movie) and he doesn’t quite agree with how the movie went down.

Fun Fact: AZ the rapper lifted his name from Azie the drug dealer who also formed a rap group in 1989 with some real street goons named “Mob Style”. Mob Style had a real dislike for N.W.A. because of their unproven street tales and even set it on them at the Apollo. If my memory serves me right, I think there were some words for AZ from Azie back in the day too."

More knowledge about "real gangster rap" HERE.


Letting the AK spray

Damu The Fudgemunk

<a href="">Wonka Beat 1 [Free Download] by Kilawatt Music</a>
<a href="">This Is An Introduction by Damu The Fudgemunk</a>
The MPC don never fails to impress... Dope. Check out his site HERE. Plenty of videos and downloads to keep you entertained.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Pro

I'm digging the concept of these. Skate shoes that basically don't look like skate shoes. Let's face it, they're footy shoes (based on the Copa Mondial boot) - down to the over-sized tongue (that you can trim off if it vexes you). I would have loved a pair of these back in the day, cos playing footy in some stupidly fat skate shoes was not the jig. I even used to have a pair of Puma footy shoes (that looked just like these) in my school bag to play footy in.
I'm not sure what these would be like for skating in - but I mean if Dennis Busenitz can do what he do in em they can't be bad.

"I like my shit boring" - Doesn't get more German than that.

Chill Out Session

The Electric Prunes, some crazy 60's beats the second of which was sampled for Rakim's latest offering.

Insane Japanese Handstyles

What can I say? Guy's got mad skills. Rapid too!

Lavar McBride

Man murks it... Skating in Jordans and shit. Big.

Are Women As Horny As Men?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tony Toca! Best of '09

"Tony Touch and Shade 45 wanted to do something to celebrate a great 2009 for Toca Tuesdays, as well as prepare for an even better 2010. To do this, DJ Tony Touch put together some of the best freestyle from 2k9 and is putting them up for download. The mixtape features freestyles from artists like: J. Cole, Redman & Method Man, Wale, Slaughterhouse, Skyzoo, Sean Price, and many more."
27 freestyles off Tony's radio show, some big names both new skool and true skool. Available to download for FREE here.


What it's all about


Lifer's Group

1990 Album: "Lifer's Group"
When these inmates (one of whom had been locked up 14 years in 1990) describe the hell of their day-to-day existences and what led to their incarceration, it's clear that they're actually living the nightmare they document. The Lifers' message to young felons on the outside it clear: change your ways before you end up like us.
[Note how in the freeze frame, before you click play, they all have dodgy orgasm faces. So if you ever end up in the Bing you will no doubt be getting the "pleasure" of seeing this facial expressions first hand]

Damn, these guys are hardcore... about as real as it gets when it comes to gangster rap. In case you were wondering what they are on about when referring to "booty"...

And one last added "bonus"

"Toss the salad... It means sucking my ass, right" - That made me laugh. Then I thought about it and cried.
Prisons in the US seem like fucking scary places. Word.

Jordan Spizike "Fresh Since 1985"

The new Jordan Spizike "Fresh Since 1985" [much like myself]. A fresh new colourway for 2010. I got these in the "OG" colours back in 06 I think it was.
Just niceness... Retro with a modern twist. I love 'em.

Dark, Dark-Sides

Use the Force

Exit Through the Gift Shop

I have mixed feelings about Banksy - and I'm not going to get into it now but this actually looks like a really good watch... Unless all the best bits are in the "teaser" and the rest of it is dodgy filming of people creeping around in the dark trying to not get spotted.

Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles

I know what your thinking - "Fuck off!" Yes I thought the same... Then I listened to it and damn, this ish aint no joke. Some of the best Wu remixes I've heard in a long time. Highly recommended from the "Music man's number one supplier" [That would be me, not Jigga... fool]
Listen/download - for free - here.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Em Oh Ess

I don't write this down, wanna tell you how I feel right now...

The True Old School Resides in Belgium

Police in Tongres, Belgium have arrested a 56 year old woman suspected of being the author of numerous tags around Tongres. The lady is accused of bombing courthouses, police-stations and the homes of bailiffs amongst others. The lady was released after the trial and will probably be looking at fines to pay for the damage.
The lady was caught "red handed" by police when she was spotted on CCTV tagging a police station. [Winner!]
There has been a mysterious tagger hitting up the town of Tongres since the 1st of January 2009, with more than 38 complaints received by police. Police are not investigating whether the 56 year old is involved...
Man, I love stories like this. Ordinary people wilding out on some renegade techniques... Wonderful


The Manc MC, Skittles, has dropped a fresh FreEP. Some sick tunes on here, a bit more Hip-Hop and a little less Grime than his previous stuff.
Download it here.

1 For The Heads

If you like the sound of Hip-Hop (Both US and UK) then check out the show. It's hosted by my man RorKid and DJ Citizen K is on the wheels of steel.
Listen live every Wednesday between the hours of 18h and 19h [GMT] or listen again... Here's the linkage.

Hug a Hoody

A hoody from WTAP's '09 Winter collection that seems to have MT on the chest in Old English script... Reppin'

Wild in the Streets

I'm digging this.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Johnny Walker - The Baller Edition

I'm a huge fan of Johnny. Ever since the teen years with the squad downing liters of the stuff mixed in squashed coke bottle. However, here is a bottle I will never own nevermind mix with coke and down. The main reason for this being that it costs $3000. Yup, three gees. Sheesh, makes Johnny Blue look like cheap swill... but it would be it's called "Johnny" - notice how this stuff has the much more grown up name of John. Bit lame. But hey, "the new John Walker Blend was put together with rare and exclusive whiskeys taken from distilleries dating back to the 1800’s when Johnny Walker Whiskey was born."
Seen... Must be good then..?

Scheme – Respect the Art

Reppin' Chi Town... I'm feeling this. Laid back beat with some deep lyrics. Niceness.

Monday, 18 January 2010


360 flip to 5-0, like whoa

Reebok X Armani

These will go perfectly with that Ed Hardy T-Shirt you've been saving up for... Man, Reebok! C'mon guys? What are you thinking? As if doing a wack-ass shoe for S. Carter and then a whole bunch of shite kicks for G-Unit wasn't bad enough, they've decided to team up with AJ. I can see these being popular with scally types that jumped on the whole Burberry ting a few years back. Which brings me to my next point - Is Ed Hardy the new Burberry? Hmmm
Plus they just remind me of Reebok Classics ... only not classic. Just looks like something designed by counterfeiters to be sold on Salford market.

Marshall Head-Amps

Zound Industries has partnered up with Marshall, famous for their amplifiers, to produce Marshall branded headphones. The outcome is a beautiful translation of the classic Marshall design onto a headphone... But do they go up to 11?

New KRINK markers - broad lines now

The Krink K-51 markers feature high-quality dye-based inks. Vibrant, translucent colors are water resistant.The durable extra-broad tip has two edges for different line widths and versatility. Writes on most surfaces: Metal, canvas, painted surfaces, wood, glass, plastic, and paper are all great surfaces for Krink inks. Large ink capacity of 30ml. Quick drying. Great for a variety of art, craft, and industrial uses. Highest quality. Handmade in the USA. Xylene free.


Some random madness from one old school LA writer and artist Devin Flynn who is an animator now with a sick and twisted sense of humor. It's weird and twisted but some of it is pretty funny.

Nature will prevail

josh keyes fragment 09 Josh Keyes Fragment Exhibit

Josh Keyes opened his newest solo show Saturday night at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Entitled Fragment, the exhibit continues to expand upon his signature aesthetic.

Rendered in clean, controlled and finely detailed realism, the paintings in Fragment feature various wildlife species isolated within habitats that foreshadow a theoretically dystopian fate. These fragmented landscapes are surrounded by a sea of empty white space, representing the universal unknown in an allegorical interpretation of the effect of contemporary civilization’s disconnect from nature.

Frankly, I find this guy's stuff pretty amazing. He can paint. The subjects are quite mesmerizing too. Plus there's some tags thrown in there for good measure.

More here

New York - Hot Tracks

One word: Yessss

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wasteman part 3

Another act of random douche-baggery - it's official. Wasteman

Gil Scott-Heron... Back at it!

WORD is bond


This guy is wrong on so many levels: Woman's shades, Ed Hardy'ed out, lip-gloss and all this before we even get to the insanely lame "tribal drunken experiment henna tattoo" beard. Oh my days.

"Smoking on that Dro"

Been on this for a while so I thought it worth a post...

Random Fact

Half of all the crisps eaten in Europe are consumed in the UK... Whoa

Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder

Despite DJ Khaled being an official wasteman - growing a beard doesn't make him look hard and posing in next man's video with a comically large cigar does not make him look cool/rich.

To be honest I'm not even a big fan of the the other two (Trae and Maino) but this beat is dope.

Life / Death

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Skateboard Macgyver

Just copped one of these bad boys and it's the shizznit. Does everything on a skateboard... and is small enough to rock as a key-ring. Dope.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Joseph Rodriguez - A photographer that takes some seriously ill photos... Check it out.

In Utero

Whoa, this is insane... Some animals chilling in their ma-dukes.

Some new Sean P!

Sean Price ft. Skyzoo and Torae

P popping shots at "Coach baggers" and "Multiple pairs of Air Yeezys" - HA!

Wasteman 101

This is the first post of many dedicated to, yup you guessed it - WASTEMAN. - EPISODE 1 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Be a "style over substance" producer/rapper with the freestyle skills of a 7 year old. Then take pride in designing handbags. Become part of Kanye's entourage. (Kanye was officially one of the biggest wastemen of oh nine.) Word.

Then there's this guy... On some next level ish.