Friday, 28 October 2011

Nekfeu & Alpha Wann - Monsieur Sable and The Pharcyde - Drop

Parisians, Nekfeu and Alpha, give us an ode to Mr. Sandman... Basement Beatzz did the job on the production.

It's nice.

The video was clearly inspired by the classic Pharcyde - Drop, but who can blame them.

The Pharcyde definitely went all out for their video. As can be seen in the "making of" video below.

Another thing that struck me is at around the 3 minute mark of the Drop video, you see some artwork that gets "unpainted". It would seem to be the handy work of legendary skateboarder and eccentric, Mark Gonzales aka The Gonz. His signature bird gave it away. It would make sense since Spike Jones, the director of the video, has always been closely involved in skateboarding and is co-owner of Girl Skateboards.

Fanfarlo - Replicate (Senz Remix)

Shouts to Senz, making moves!

Carhartt WIP x Burton

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but hey I'm forgetful.

I'm my opinion this collaboration is an absolute winner. It combines so my things I love. Carhartt, snowboarding and (a slight fetish I have) Gore-Tex.

It's old school work wear, that has been integral to Hip Hop fashion for decades (CNN anyone?), mixed with modern technology to keep you warm and dry.

"Constructed on Carhartt‘s most recognizable outerwear, the Traditional, the Burton x WIP Jacket is essentially a “ Deluxe” with a double layer of Gore-Tex Performance Oxford shell and 13 mm Gore-Seam tape to seal off any seams. While based on Carhartt’s Single Knee pants, the Burton x Carhartt WIP Pants underwent the same Gore-Tex weather proofing as with the jacket. Sparing no details, design teams of both entities went over each creation, adding hand warmer pockets, waist gaiter, and articulated reinforcements in key areas. After all, the collection was made with snowboarders in mind.

The Burton x Carhartt WIP Collection is available now at Burton flagship stores around globe and select Carhartt retail locations."

Great stuff.

I'll be waiting at the bottom of the slopes with my goons to jack the first man I see wearing this.

[Via FreshnessMag]

Flashback Friday: Mobb Deep ft. Method Man - Extortion

I used to rock this one hard in my Walkman back in the day. Pretty sure it was on a cassette mixtape made by my homie Senz.

Ah the '90s...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

S'Il Vous Plait

Charge it to Satan...

[Click images for more info]

Pusherman [Promo]

Pusherman Promo from Sean Lomax on Vimeo.

This one is a couple of years old but it still looks dope.

Shouts to all my Manchester family!

L'Atlas - Osmose

Nice... but where's the M, son?

Skittles - Dot2Dot

The Manchester (UK) rhyme spitter has dropped a new vid, and it doesn't disappoint.

"New Track from the forthcoming album "Poor with £100 Trainers". Out on Estate Recordings on 07.11.11 featuring remixes from Zed Bias, Dub Phizix, Joe Kalius."

That's some big names on the remixes. I'm looking forward to this one.

Shouts to Jefe for putting me on this one.

Random Axe @ Madame Moustace

The Random Axe gig was off the hook!

Wiley - I'm Skanking

Throwback Thursdays: Aly Us - Follow Me

Event: Zulu Nation Anniversary

Be sure not to miss the party this weekend people!

Unfortunately, Shuriken won't be able to make it (for personal reasons). It would seem he's to be replaced by Rocca.

I'm especially excited to see Shyheim. He's a long time favorite of the MT crew and has been featured on That's Exage in the past: HERE, HERE and HERE!

For more info check out ZuluNation.Be

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Durrty Goodz - Fire In The Booth

The UK don gargon Durrty, stepped in the booth and set it alight with some freestyle skills.

[Charlie Sloth = MASSIVE twat. Someone make him die, please]

Bonus: UK Grime Battle Hype

Durrty switches styles to show mans up.

Can't mess with Silencer beats though.

Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx ft. R.A. The Rugged Man - No Prints [Cuts by LD]

"Rugged Man is he dead yet? - NO!"

This goes hard! It's great to hear some decent scratching on a track again.

Frenchman on the production - New Yorkers on the raps... works for me!


Ducksauce - Big Bad Wolf

Mentos - The Freshmaker

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

True Say...

Unc Imo - Bad Muhfuggah

Unc... The 60 year old rapper "with a bad knee".

Straight out of New Orleans.

I'm lost for words.

Nowness: 25 Years Of Def Jam

Nowness, 25 years of Def Jam.

Scram Jones - Know What I Know

Scram comes with some thought provoking lyrics and a tongue-in-cheek video. The track will be on his mixtape, The Hat Trick, that should be out soon.

Lowkey - Hand On Your Gun

Lowkey always keeps it politically charged these days, and to great effect. Here's his latest visual offering, that is off his new album, Soundtrack To The Struggle.

Food for thought...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Fanfarlo - Replicate (Senz Remix)

Fanfarlo - Replicate (Senz Remix) by Fanfarlo
I'm a bit late on this... but my man Senz dropped a remix of UK based indie/folk group Fanfarlo's Replicate.

Onra - Chinoiseries pt2

"Parisian-based beatmaker, Onra, is readying the second installment of his Chinese inspired hip-hop instrumentals titled "Chinoiseries Pt.2". During his travels in Asia, Onra would relentlessly search for Chinese records. Here is a glimpse of his process and work ethic."

Should be good!

Event: Random Axe @ Madame Moustace

S'Il Vous Plait

As always, just click the images for more info.

Charge it to Satan...

Weekend in Paris

... was dope.

Nuff said.