Monday, 31 January 2011

Vado - Wake Up

Harlem's Vado dropped a video for this track the other day. Unfortunately it was one of those 2 for 1 vids and in my opinion the second track [Beat Knocking] stinks but you can make your own mind up about that.

Wake Up has been getting plenty of spins at casa C-Stylez though, still.


Alcheimst + Oh No = Gangrene [Concert]

The two left coast producer/MC's will be blessing the Brussels mandem with a concert on Wednesday.


I will be in attendance...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Stash x Sebago Suede Mid

Stash and Sebago collabo?!


If you've ever been to Brussels you'll know that Sebago lows are the footwear of choice among the ghetto youts. [For full effect they should be sported with out socks, with Adidas velor tracksuit trousers and a leather bomber jacket... No, really].

These mids don't really fit into that equation which would incline me to definitely rock these as fresh Spring/Summer kreps.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Freaks & Geeks With El-B: Tonight

"Of eminent musical descent, Lewis Beadle rose to fame in UK Garage scene in the 1990’s. He pioneered alongside greats such as MJ Cole, Wookie, Steve Gurley, Zed Bias, Karl Brown, Matt Jam Lamont, Baffled. He is famed for his label “Ghost”, comprising EL-B, J da Flex & Roxy. From early Techno releases at 15 on Leftfield’s label ‘Hard Hands’; through the formation of UKG’s famed ‘Groove Chronicles’ with Noodles, spawning resounding underground hits such as ‘Angel Body’ & ‘Stonecold’; to the release in 2000 of the first Ghost 12” (Red)! EL-B has an impressive catalogue of remixes for majors, and has run several labels including Ghost, El-Breaks and Scorpion. His ‘abridged’ discography is an impressive testament to his commercial acumen. EL-B’s extensive skills & experience in the studio have taken him to every conceivable genre. In terms of London’s own underground response to Hip Hop, he has worked with ghetto heroes such as Skinnyman, Rodney P & Hollowman Giggs. Famed for using full RnB/Reggae vocals over hard beats, EL-B alongside the likes of Zed Bias, coupled this with driving beats and dark BASS into Garage. This was a key element in his second guise as a pioneer- of DUBSTEP. In 2007, following the rapidly expanding commercial success of Dubstep as a genre, further demand arose for its origins(EL-B, Zed Bias, HorsePower, Oris Jay, etc). This led to the recent release of Tempa’s “The Roots of EL-B” album. His current projects include various funky/house tracks, alongside the evolution of his work in Dubstep, including his current album “The Roots of EL-B”, and a Ghost album due for release later on this year.Until then – watch this boy if you like your beats & bass to the point, dark, delightful and downright mean.

Also on the night will be usual suspects, Dj Slow, Kwistax and Kid Strike, bringing you the best in new underground club music."

Should be a laugh. And bassy. Nice...

Action Bronson

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Easy Mo Bee Ft. C-Lo & Da Nation - Sex, Money, Drugs

This is a personal classic of mine.

Gets me in the zone.

Durrty Goodz - Westwood Freestyle

DG dropped a freestyle at the end of oh ten on UK Hip Hop's resident DJ/clown Timothy "Dropping bombs for the big dawgs" Westwood.

Goodz has got to be one of the most talented spitters in the UK and has long been one of my favorites.

It's all about the last 5 minutes on this one...

Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Blam Blam

TDK Chronicles: NaS

It's funny but we were reminiscing about cassette tapes just the other day and here's NaS dropping some knowledge on how it used to be.

Tapes really are a lost format that is probably completely unknown to the iPod generation of click/download and having 80Gb of music in your pocket and probably not knowing, never-mind listening to half of it.

It's a shame NaS didn't mention the Walkman, because that essentially paved the way for Mp3 players and was an important step in tapes and making music a portable medium (without the use of a boombox and 10 DD batteries.) Everyone had their favorite tape and knew the songs inside out - even knowing exactly when to flip the tape to catch a big tune on the other side.

Those were the days...

Magnetic Man ft. John Legend - Getting Nowhere

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kaptain Cadillac - Show Me Luv

Hope you all had a fun festive period.

Vice Guide To: Based Music by Lil B

I've been hearing some Lil B tunes here and there and honestly wondered what the hell was going on.

At first it seemed like some kind of Hip-Hop based white-noise aural torture... Turns out the guy's invented his own genre. Well don't I feel silly!


It's definitely still about as good as drinking a pint of cold dog vomit but at least this video made me laugh. A lot.

As did this one...

I feel sorry for the white guy he was sat next to though. The blunt he was meticulously rolling-up got dashed in all the action.

Damn son...

Da Youngfellaz ft. Sadat X & Dee Rail - Street Flow

Da Youngfellaz recruited the "Wild Cowboy" Sadat X to tear up this Ralph Myerz produced beat.


[Via 2DopeBoyz]

Kanye West - Monster [Muppets Mix]

Josh Groben Sings Kanye Tweets

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Curren$y - Return To The Winner's Circle [Mixtape]

Curren$y dropped a fresh mixtape on the 1st... So this is a bit late but it took me a while to get round to listening to it.

It's more of the usual high-grade smoker hip-hop that is sure to please Curren$y fans, notably my man Jefe.

Download HERE.

[Via 2DopeBoyz]