Wednesday, 21 July 2010

SnowGoons ft. Reef, Viro & Lord Lhus - King Kong / The Limit / Goon Platoon

Some German goodness that dropped in my Youtube inbox and I only just got round to checking.

This ish is freaking ill, and just in time to get me extra hype for Splash Festival I will be attending this weekend... In VIP style. The line up is insane - so it should be a sick festival.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Endz - Are You Really From The Endz

Those of you who remember this know - this was a big tune. Got some serious rotation with the boys in the day.

Been looking for this video for years as it had seemingly disappeared after its release until Bunzi D [one of the MC's I think] finally uploaded it to youtube. Winner!

Are you really from the endz...

Rick Ross ft Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - Super High (remix)

Yup it's Spitta again. He's putting in mad work [for a pothead especially]!
Rick Ross [inevitably] comes with the weakest rhymes and essentially gets slumped on his own track by the young bloods.
Wiz holds it down as always - even with a bit of singing.

This shit is getting me hype for trip to Amsterdam next week. Yeah bwoy!!!


[Shouts to Jefe on this one]

Wild Style

THE classic "Hip Hop" film.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Curren$y ft, Trademark & Young Roddy - Roasted

This track has been in heavy rotation on the C-Stylez iPod. Nice to see some visuals to accompany it.

Curren$y's debut album Pillow Talk drops next week!

And where haven't we been yet...?

Nico Lindsay - Let Me Tell You Something

Keeping it UK - here's a new cat [that honestly I've never heard of] murking it.


Mystro - Around My Way

MYSTRO - Around my way from Ian Gamester on Vimeo.

The Mighty Mys' Diggy breaks it down on the streets of London.

Shouts to my 1 For The Heads massive and all the LDN heads.

Throwback Thursday

The Last Emperor - Do You Remember?

Let's bring back touching, emotional Hip Hop that means something...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Phil Ade - The Letterman (Mixed by Don Cannon) - Listen and Download

Phil Ade - The Letterman (Mixed by Don Cannon) - Listen and Download

I posted a few of his vids. His last mixtape didn't fully convince me but from what I've heard from this one, it's sounding rather dope!

Check it out.

15 Years Of Duck Down Productions

Big. So many classics.

Can't wait to see the Boot Camp Click at the end of the month!

Reflection Eternal - Ballad Of The Black Gold

Reflection Eternal "Ballad of the Black Gold" from Sam Ellison on Vimeo.

Kweli and Hi-Tek back to their old selves - Killing it on this one.

Fuck BP...

Beat Street

Continuing with the old school - here's the seminal Beat Street movie in its entirety.

It's crazy to see how some of the fashion has come full circle and wouldn't look out of place in a "hip" club today.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Graffiti Rock

Graffiti Rock from DJ Icewater on Vimeo.

If you havent seen Graffiti Rock you need to check it,
The episode features Run D.M.C., Shannon, The New York City Breakers, DJ Jimmie Jazz and Kool Moe Dee and Special K of the Treacherous Three.
The New York City Breakers, who were fresh off of their success from the movie, Beat Street, made a showcase appearance.
The episode also features television and film actress, Debi Mazar and actor/director Vincent Gallo as dancers on the show .

This is so awesome (despite is cheesiness). Just check out the break-dancers outfits! They're like B-Boy Spidermen!!


[via 12ozProphet]

Monday, 5 July 2010

Plan B - Prayin'

Plan B seems to have dropped his rapper with a guitar stance and ventured into the world of what I would call classic soul.
Frankly, I think it's been a very successful transition. Yes it's less street and more radio friendly but who cares. It's good, moving music that doesn't just rely on the usual degradation of females, cars and whatnot.

To add to that there seems to be some serious budget behind him now he's gotten more soulful with again isn't a bad thing as proved by this rather epic video to accompany his latest single.

Here's the track that got his initial buzz going a few years ago...

Fuck the screws...

Jammer [Boy Better Know] - 10 Man Roll

Okay, so there's not much grime that gets C-Stylez boppin'. Well... depends on the mood.

Anyway, I thought I'd post this vid simply because it's original, well executed and nice to see Grime MC's not taking themselves to seriously for a change.

Boy Better Knooooow!!!


One of the best handstyles in the game.
MT crew...

Monday Memories

Shouts to my London heads...

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wasteman part 9: Fagidas Designer

Who is this Jeremy Scott guy and who the fuck at Adidas decided it was a good idea to let him fuck with their classic designs?!

He apparently studied at the very aptly named Pratt institute presumably in "How To Make Shit Look Gay 101".

Needless to say he passed with flying colours and now designs "cute" Adidas hoodies that make you look like a leopard and kicks that make your feet look like Asterix's head.

Waste... man...

Flashback Friday: Haze Presents: New York Reality Check 101

A sublime DJ Premier mix [even if slightly "over-mixed" at times] that captures independent (east-coast) Hip Hop at it's height in '97.
Some big names (as far as underground Hip Hop goes) and classic joints alongside some relatively unknown [forgotten] rhyme spitters.
All in all well worth a listen and if that wasn't enough you can even download it.
Haze Presents: New York Reality Check 101 (Mixed by DJ Premier) by Hypetrak